Thinking about modernizing your elevator?

Technology is Forever Changing!

Do not simply trust an elevator contractor who claims that your equipment is obsolete. Most of the time, replacement parts can be purchased from many reputable sources, including the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

A careful review of your maintenance agreement should verify what is and is not included. It’s common for our experts who review elevator modernization agreements to find that up to half the value of their proposal includes work already covered in the existing maintenance agreement.

Improved reliability:

Covered repairs may get you what you need if you can enforce your current maintenance agreement.

Faster elevators:

You may not need faster elevators; you may need smarter elevators, using smarter dispatching technology. However, if you don’t have enough elevators, modernization may not solve this problem.

Obsolete elevators:

There are certainly obsolete, unreliable elevators that should be modernized.

Modernization cost:

Elevator modernization costs vary greatly, depending on the type of elevator you have and any additional building work needed.

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A two photo graphic depicting old outdated elevator technology compared with newer electronics, side by side with a blue and orange background.