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Elevator Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

Routine maintenance for Commercial Elevators is the most cost-effective way to keep your equipment running smoothly. Our maintenance program focuses on prevention to address minor issues before they become huge repair bills. This minimizes shut downs, saves money and keeps your equipment in excellent running condition.

Our maintenance contracts are flexible and are based on each customers unique needs.

We offer service contracts that include everything from basic lubrication and oil contracts, to full cleaning, license testing and repair services as well as 24-hour emergency response.

Annual Testing for Elevators

A load test is performed to ensure that your elevator is operating as it should. These tests make sure that elevators can lift their maximum load while traveling at their maximum speed. Load tests also check how elevators operate with no load, as well as test how well brake mechanisms are working.

It’s crucial to know that your elevator is operating at maximum capacity and that its speed and brakes are in check so that all riders get to where they’re going safely.

Licensed & Insured for all yearly state mandated safety inspections and annual operating compliance.

Elevator Modernization

Vertical Options can enhance the look, function, and safety of your commercial elevator. Our modernization services include fire service code compliance upgrades.

We use non-proprietary equipment ensuring the best function at the best price.

Commercial Elevator Installation

Vertical Options specializes in the installation of new commercial passenger, Dumbwaiters, Vertical Platform Lifts, freight elevators as well as chair lifts and ADA compliant wheelchair lifts. With a huge variety of equipment to choose from, we can save you money while completing the project quickly with high quality non-proprietary components.

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