Modern dining area with contemporary décor, featuring a glass-top table surrounded by white chairs, large floor-length mirrors, and a unique spiral staircase enclosed in glass. The space is illuminated by recessed lighting and a modern chandelier, easily accessible with residential elevators nearby.

Elevate Your Space

Elevator and Stair Lift Installations for Residential Homes Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort and convenience, where every corner is accessible and welcoming. If you or your loved ones are facing mobility challenges, navigating multiple levels within your home can be a daunting task. That’s where Vertical Options Elevator Services comes in. With…
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A before-and-after comparison of an elevator interior upgrade. The "Before" image shows a plain, outdated wooden elevator interior. The "After" image shows a modernized elevator with updated wood paneling and lighting. Text: "Contact Us!, Call: 509.951.6416.

Interior Cab Upgrades

Don’t settle for ’70s lighting & design in your buildings… Step into the magical world of time travel every time you enter the trusty office elevator… If you find yourself transported straight to the 1970s, fear not! Vertical Options Elevator Services, is here to help you upgrade your interior elevator cab from groovy to glamorous….
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An interior view of a modern home with multiple accessibility features. Visible are a home elevator, a stair lift, and ramps. The space has wood flooring, neutral-colored walls, and recessed lighting. A grey rug and fitness equipment are also part of the setting.

Take a Ride

Come Take a Test-Drive! What are you waiting for? Hop on board, press that button, and let’s take this elevator experience to a whole new level! We’re the only locally-owned company with a Showroom available Monday thru Friday 9:00-4:00PM. At Vertical Options Elevator Service, we promise you’ll leave our showroom with a smile on your…
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