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  • At Vertical Options we are committed to putting customer service first. We offer flexible, fairly priced service contracts for our customers in Spokane and surrounding areas. As an independent local company we understand the Spokane climate and work with our customers to address their specific needs. Since we are not controlled by a huge corporate structure we can address the needs and concerns of each of our clients personally, providing exactly what is needed instead of "cookie cutter" contracts that many large companies use. We believe in communicating directly with our customers so that we can address their issues personally. With Vertical Options you speak directly with the owner or technician, not a national call center. Each visit is important, even if it is a routine lube and check up. We give each customer an invoice with a detailed description of the work completed after every job, so you know you exactly what you are paying for.

    Vertical Options is determined to fix your problem. Whether it is a car, a blender, or an elevator, mechanical devices can behave strangely and be a challenge to diagnose and repair. We pride ourselves on fixing complex, often misdiagnosed issues. WE WILL FIX IT! With no shareholders and accountants to impress we can put the time and effort into difficult issues resulting in a much more reliable transportation system and satisfied clients.