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  • Non-Propriety Equipment

  • Many companies rely on the use of proprietary parts to ensure repeat business. Some elevator companies will install an elevator, neglecting to mention that their equipment is completely proprietary.  Technicians maintaining the equipment after it is installed need a very special tool or device to work on the equipment. The use of these "tools" by other companies is strictly forbidden due to patents and copyrights. The customer has no choice but to sign a service contract with the original manufacturer. Service contracts for proprietary equipment are often double the market price, and are usually auto-renewing with a significant annual price increase.  Customers often feel trapped into signing unreasonable service contracts.

    At Vertical Options we install strictly non-proprietary parts. This provides our customers with the flexibility to choose us to be their service provider based on the quality of their experience. We take pride in the fact that our customers are not tricked into a service contract. If they are happy with their experience they will willingly choose to sign future contracts.