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  • What is a Merit Shop?

    Vertical Options supports the Merit Shop philosophy. A Merit shop is a business that believes and acts in accordance with the principals of free enterprise. We believe that work should be awarded based on the abilities and skills of the members of a company, not because of labor affiliation. The merit shop philosophy supports the premise that all contractors have the right to compete for work on a fair, level playing field. Contractors, regardless of labor affiliation, should work together to build the best product on time and within budget.

    A merit shop does not endorse a union vs. "non-union" adversarial stance, but rather cooperation or even collaboration amongst businesses based on their abilities to perform the highest level of service.

    The merit shop philosophy is rooted in the principle of freedom --freedom of the contractor to engage in fair competition, making the most of the capital and effort he or she has invested, and freedom of the employee to realize their full potential in the workforce.

    The Merit Shop philosophy emphasizes a worker's individual effort, ambition and achievement, and uses "merit" as the basis for advancement within the company.

    We believe that our work and exceptional communication with our customers speaks for our company's values. Our customers have the freedom to choose the company that best suits their needs: the core of free enterprise. Customers benefit when contractors compete in a fair and open bidding process that awards contracts to the most qualified, most competitive bidder. Vertical Options supports the Merit Shop philosophy.

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